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Here it is, Premier’s Premier Blog – where to start? Seems like BED BUGS are a primary source of havoc as summer is in full swing – as travelers are just getting started and finishing up our late summer vacations, questions are rolling in as are requests to get DEBUGGED.

Bed bugs do not necessarily mean “dirty”. Bed bug infestations and reports are definitely on the rise. These bugs are tough to detect – often times, you don’t notice them until they’ve bitten you or your guests. Can you get rid of them on your own? You can, Bugger says hesitantly, but since bed bugs are elusive little creatures, it is best to seek pest control assistance to address a possible infestation. If you are a hotel or bed/breakfast owner, you’ll want to be sure to have your place inspected periodically. A bed bug bad review (say that 10 times fast) can be devastating to your business for sure. As a traveler, these bugs hop rides in your suitcase, on your clothes, and even your pets, then infesting your home. You can also find them in college dorms, schools, camp – wherever they find a place to bed down…

PREMIER will inspect your property for free and identify any bed bug activity. Public awareness and proactive measures can help control this problem.

PPC Staff