Rain Rain Can Make Pests Stay

Unfortunately, all the heavy rains this spring and summer can bring about more problems for your pets as far as pests go. And when your pets suffer, so can your home. This wet weather, combined with the heat and humidity, causes perfect conditions for fleas and ticks to thrive, and we have been having many reported infestations. Fleas and ticks reproduce as fast as rabbits, and they are not only an itchy nuisance to your pet, but can also pose health risks to your beloved pets and to your family!

There are definitely ways to help keep fleas and ticks at bay naturally – always practice the steps below to reduce your risk of infestation:

A reported home remedy from some of our clients is the following “spray” to reduce infestation of ticks, fleas and even mosquitoes: 2-3 cups of water; a few tablespoons of minced garlic “juice”; a few tablespoons of the minced garlic. Mix in a spray bottle. You may smell like a pizza, but it works – great for use on pets, kids, the yard and while camping/hiking! If you prefer something stronger and perhaps less smelling like food, use a tick/flea/mosquito repellent.

Vacuum your home frequently and dispose of the vacuum bag each time. Fleas and ticks do not die just by getting sucked up in the hose.  

Keep your outdoor areas clear of wood or leaf piles and extra glass clippings. Actually, not only will they attract the insects above, but they are also ideal homes for mice and rats, which in turn are also carriers of fleas and ticks!

Bathe your pets often and be sure you are using flea and tick treatments. Your pets can pick up fleas and ticks even just by walking outside in the street – you don’t have to be in the woods. 

If you suspect an infestation that’s out of control, call Premier immediately to debug!

PPC Staff