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Have insects invaded your home or business? Don’t let an infestation take over. Rely on Premier Pest Control, the premier source of bug extermination in Pittsburgh, for fast, affordable service when an infestation invades. While we don’t love pests, we do love what we do making area homes and businesses pest free. When you depend on our pest control company for services, count on our experienced experts to use the latest methods to identify the type of invading insects, inspect your home or business to find the source, and provide the right treatment to keep your space free of these unwanted guests.

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It isn’t uncommon for pests to find ways into the cleanest and most sanitized residential and commercial buildings, only to start a family of their own. When you notice an unwanted pest guest, such as a cockroach, fruit fly, spider, or other creepy, crawly bug, don’t worry; our company has a solution.

For more than 35 years, homeowners & business owners throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area have turned to Premier Pest Control for safe, yet effective pest control solutions, and there is no secret as to why. Our bug extermination technicians have extensive experience in the field, and have eradicated every infestation we’ve ever encountered.

That isn’t all. We understand that no two infestations are exactly the same. That’s why our professionals always tailor insect extermination & fumigation services to every client’s unique needs, while utilizing the most effective extermination and fumigation methods on the market. This ensures you will have a pest-free home or business in no time.

Bed Bug Control in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania

There are many pest control treatments available at your local hardware stores, but are they effective? Some, yes; however, these store-bought products are harmful and, often, toxic chemicals that can cause problems if not used properly. In addition, some treatments aren’t effective against certain insects, but it takes a trained eye to know which. Avoid putting you, your family, your employees & more in jeopardy and let our pest experts deliver the services & results you seek. As a full-service fumigation company, we have the treatments needed to eradicate pests of all types. We offer pest control solutions for:

Termite Control In Bentleyville, PA

Fleas & Ticks
Rodents, Rats, & Mice
Ants & Carpenter Ants
Centipedes & Millipedes
Wasps, Hornets, & Yellow Jackets
Flies & Fruit Flies
Bed Bugs
Carpet Beetles

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