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When it comes to rodents in your home or business, you want the current issue solved quickly & safely. You want a permanent solution to prevent it from happening again. At Premier Pest Control, a proud provider of rodent control in Pittsburgh, we will help you solve your current problem & take measures to prevent mice or rats from gaining entry into your space again. Using our extensive knowledge & the most effective rat & mice removal treatments, our crew will locate the source of the problem & eliminate it swiftly.

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When a rat, mouse, or other rodent makes your property its new residence, you could be facing a disaster! These smart creatures have a knack for locating holes in structures & using holes as an entry point into homes and businesses. They even make the hole larger by chewing it to bring in materials for nesting and food. While this may seem minor, the enlarged holes create the perfect place for other pests to access your space.

The dedicated professionals from our rodent exterminator has you covered. We will not only provide you with comprehensive service from start to finish, but we will begin your appointment with a free, honest & accurate quote for our rodent control services.

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For instance, rats & mice can wreak havoc on homes & businesses. They reproduce at a rapid rate, meaning if you see one mouse or rat, there are many more hiding. If left unaddressed, these rodent families will take over your entire structure, leaving behind food waste and droppings & chewing through wires, which can lead to a disastrous fire. Don’t wait for a rodent problem to get out of control or try to handle the problem alone. Instead, call our rodent control company immediately for rat and mice removal assistance at a rate you can afford.

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In Conclusion, when you see a mouse scurry across the floor, it is time to call Premier Pest Control. We will remove these pesky, disease-carrying critters from your property entirely by: Identifying the Type of Rodent, Locating the Nest, Using Bait Traps to Catch Rodents, Fixing Damage Caused by Rats & Mice

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