Eighty Four


Nothing is as unwelcome in a home as pests. Whether they crawl on the ground or fly through the air, they belong in the great outdoors. Premier Pest Solutions visits houses & businesses like yours to ensure these critters get out and stay out. We administer some of the most well-used pest control methods in  Pennsylvania. For instance, our quality products, quick response & accurate diagnostics have combined to produce effective treatments & techniques for all manner of infestations. Our services include: carpenter ant service, general insect service, wasp & hornet protection, individual nest, rodent service, bed bug service, non-stinging insect services.

Premier Exterminator Service in Eighty Four PA

No matter what you’re dealing with, you can always turn to us for solutions that rid you of existing pests & prevent new ones from invading your property. We’re so confident in our work that we back it with a guaranteed warranty. For example, investing in professional treatment protects you from bites, diseases, allergic reactions & the snowball effect that happens when these pests lay their eggs. Since pests are active year-round, we also offer quarterly & monthly services for year-round protection. These programs are targeted toward all kinds of pests & offer savings and peace of mind.

 Best Termite & Bed Bug Treatments in Eighty Four Pennsylvania

Keep your home bed bug-free by calling us if you notice any signs. Regular inspections can protect your home from being eaten. We offer much better methods than chasing them with a shoe. Don’t risk an allergic reaction. We empower you to play it safe. Our team is always ready to take calls & answer questions, providing full explanations of every service we offer. In conclusion, the owners are involved in all of our everyday operations to constantly improve our pest control services. We’ve been in the business for over twenty years & you can see our expertise in our work.