Found both indoors & outdoors, ants are one of the most common pests. Specifically, of the 700 species found in North America, carpenter ants are the most difficult to control. Their ability to cause damage to wood structures makes them a real threat to homes. For instance, they dig tunnels into wood to nest inside, infesting the structure & leading to moisture issues. Left unchecked, they can destroy homes & businesses from the inside out. Ants multiply fast & can cause some nasty bites, triggering allergic reactions in some people. These persistent pests can & will walk over anything & everything to get to a food source, contaminating food & depositing waste and germs.

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Spiders can range drastically in size, move quickly & bite sometimes venomously. For example, the good news is that spiders never actively seek human contact; they only bite if they feel threatened or endangered. Plus, out of the 43,000 different species, fewer than 30 are deadly. As long as you have Premier Pest Solutions on your side, there’s no need to fear. We bring our full spider extermination services in Finleyville, Pennsylvania to your home or business quickly after your call. Our company has been going after these 8-legged pests for years & knows how to get it done efficiently.

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Before your home can be effectively exterminated for bed bugs, it must be prepared to strict specifications. This process can be physically demanding, time consuming & very stressful. Improper preparation can make bed bug treatment ineffective & subject you to re-infestation. But who has time for all this & how can you make sure everything is done thoroughly enough to make your bed bug treatment effective? Let Premier Pest Solutions help! We help you organize, sort, declutter, & thoroughly clean your home to get rid of these pests & prevent their return. In conclusion, this service also includes a room reset which helps you get your life back to normal after your bed bug treatment has concluded.