Pest Control Services in Glassport

Premier Pest Control is a local pest control company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In business for years, we have provided reliable pest control services to residential & commercial customers throughout the area. Whether a home has a bedbug infestation or a business is dealing with a major bee problem, we are the company to turn to for your pest control services. Eliminate bedbugs, cockroaches & other pests from your home or business with our help. Premier Pest Control gets rid of all types of pests from residential & commercial spaces, leaving areas free of any troublesome bugs & other insects.

Pest Exterminator Services in Glassport Pennsylvania

Like bedbugs, cockroaches are another common problem in homes, businesses & apartment complexes. And, similar to bedbugs, they are easy to control & exterminate. Depending on the extent of the affected area, we will come up with a strategy to safely treat the infestation. For residential treatments, we typically start in the kitchen & bathrooms and continue throughout the house or apartment unit. For business or commercial we come up with a unique game plan per location. If someone in your family suffers from asthma, or you have an infant in the home, we will vacuum the infested areas instead to avoid causing an allergic reaction.

Termite Control in Glassport, PA

There are 4 different types of termites in Pittsburgh, & they all require a special treatment. One thing that Eastern Subterranean, Formosan, Drywood, & Dampwood termites all have in common, is they will destroy your home. It’s best to give us a call for a free estimate & Alco Pest Control will send a trained technician to your home to properly evaluate the type of termites. Furthermore, they will provide you with a good plan of action, using the best available chemicals out there.

Bedbug Control in Glassport, PA

Bedbugs come from luggage, hotel rooms, purses, & clothing. They are one of the hardest bugs to get rid of! We are so confident in our treatment & technicians, that we give a 6 month warranty! Furthermore, that’s right…6 months! We believe we’re the only company around with that kind of warranty. For example, bedbugs are a common problem in homes, apartment complexes & hotels. However, with the proper treatment, they can easily be controlled & exterminated.

To get rid of your bedbug infestation, we will apply two treatments 7 to 10 days apart. Everything will be treated, including beds, dressers, sofas, and chairs. Prior to applying the first treatment, it is important you wash all infested items, including bedding and clothes & place them in sealed bags to set aside. Contact us, and we will come out to your home or business and determine if you have a bedbug infestation. We charge a fee to come out, but it will be removed when you request a service. In conclusion, we can also provide you with bedbug mattress covers to prevent from ever getting them again. Call today for a free quote!

Silverfish Control in Glassport, PA