Termites are one of the greatest hazards any homeowner can face. For example, they can do more damage to your home than fires, storms & earthquakes combined. Premier can effectively control termites using the advance termite bait station and/or premise non-repellent termiticide. For instance, premier can control other wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants, carpenter bees & wood-boring beetles. If you are planning on buying or selling a home, don’t forget to call Premier for a wood-destroying insect inspection done by an accredited inspector.

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Save Yourself From a Troublesome Infestation. Bed bugs are increasingly showing up in homes, apartments, hotels & dormitories throughout the US. Specifically, they hitch rides in luggage, boxes, shoes & other mobile objects. Infestations are not tied to unsanitary living conditions. For example, bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate. Your first step should be to contact a professional who will confirm that the infestation is bed bugs, locate them & apply the right treatment. In conclusion, future inspections & treatments may be necessary.

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