Pest Control Services in Mckeesport

Premier Pest Services, based in Pittsburgh, Pa, offers a wide variety of environmental pest control services. Our emphasis on providing outstanding support & friendly service. With personalized service, a genuine concern for your home or business & more than 30 years’ experience. Our family-owned & operated company is the smart choice for residential & commercial pest services, termite control & bedbug treatment. Regardless of the type of pest problem you have, we are fully dedicated to achieving your complete satisfaction & trust with unbeatable service. Our owner goes to all jobs to ensure that everything is done the right way & we’ll come back until your pest problem is completely solved. Our clients always come first & satisfaction is guarantee

Pest Exterminator Services in Mckeesport Pennsylvania

Rid your business of roaches, mice, rats & other annoying pests by calling on us for commercial pest control. Utilizing sprays, traps, or baits, we determine where the source or colony is & focus on removing it. Our experts keep coming back until the problem is solved & spray the outside of your building to eliminate any crawling pests, such as ants & spiders. Most businesses need to be inspected once a month or more, depending on the type of business. We can set up an individualized contract or pest elimination agreement spelling out the exact services that will be provided

Termite Control in McKeesport, PA

Termites can destroy the wood & even the foundation of your home or business, so it is important to remove them & prevent future infestations. We treat the foundation of your home with a liquid that kills the entire termite colony & we offer a 1-year warranty on this service. We inspect & determine the best treatment for bedbugs & termites from your home or business, with treatments designed to solve your infestation problem completely

Bedbug Control in McKeesport, PA

Bedbugs, a major problem in Pennsylvania & Pittsburgh are difficult to locate & even harder to get rid of because they reproduce quickly. Our extensive bedbug treatment & detailed follow-up care utilize proven techniques that quickly & effectively ensure your home or business is free of bedbugs

Silverfish Control in McKeesport, PA