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Homeowners and business owners are aware of mosquitoes, which are a growing health concern for all, as they are known to carry and transmit some of the most dangerous diseases. No one wants to sit outside and worry about annoying mosquitoes. Unfortunately, during the summer months, these nuisance insects run rampant throughout Western Pennsylvania. Make Premier Pest Control your only source for mosquito control in Pittsburgh so you can enjoy spending time outside without worry.

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There are many harmful chemicals on the market that treat mosquitos. These store-bought chemicals may help with your mosquito issue; however, there is no guarantee. In addition, These chemicals can be a health hazard, doing more harm than good. Don’t put your health at risk. Instead, let the team from Premier Pest Control cater to your unique mosquito removal needs. Backed by years of experience, we will:

Inspect Your Yard & Exterior Space Thoroughly | Provide Personalized Treatments of Your Yard | Treat Your Shrubs & Foliage

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Mosquitoes are more than annoyances that leave behind itchy bites. They are also known to carry harmful viruses, such as West Nile, malaria, yellow fever, and heartworm disease, which they can transmit to both humans and animals alike. Though they may seem small and harmless, these tiny bloodsuckers can post a huge risk to your health and to the health of your family.

Protect yourself, your loved ones, and customers from the threat of mosquitoes. Simply rely on our mosquito exterminator for safe, yet effective mosquito control services.

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Quality counts when it comes to mosquito control and removal. Instead of settling for standard treatments, rely on us for an effective, full-service treatment from start to finish. Our experienced and friendly insect control technicians are committed to providing you with a level of protection that other companies cannot provide. As well, we do it at a price to suit your budget.

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While you have treated your residential or commercial yard once, mosquitoes will return. Stop these little buggers in their tracks with annual mosquito control services from our company. We will provide innovative treatments each year to prevent pesky mosquitoes from taking over your yard, feasting on your blood, and potentially exposing you to some of the most dreaded diseases.