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Spiders are secretive, scary critters, and there is no secret as to why—their eight legs, eight eyes & creepy movements. While most people do not feel threatened by arachnids, they can pose a threat to your health. At Premier Pest Control, we offer complete and efficient spider control in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, and we will make your home or business spider free.

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These eight-legged arachnids are commonly found in dark nooks and crannies, often leaving no traces of their existence other than a web or two. Most spiders do not bite unless they feel threatened; however, these bites can be potentially fatal. Some spiders native to the area, such as the northern and southern black widow, have painful bites that will require medical treatment. If you find these creepy, eight-legged critters in your home, give our spider removal company a call. Backed by more than 35 years of experience, our professionals have dealt with infestations, large and small, and we will remove these predators from your home or business.

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Unlike other pests that travel in groups & colonies, spiders are lone hunters that most likely gain entry into your home through a crack or crevice in the foundation or a hole in the wall. Like birds, they can also make their way into your home through the ventilation system.

Once we verify where spiders enter your home, we will take the steps needed to cut off future access, but we do much more than that. As a reputable spider exterminator & pest management company, we have extensive knowledge of the arachnids found in the area. We use that knowledge to effectively treat and exterminate the infestation in your residence or business.

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Many homeowners and business owners choose store-bought spider control treatments, rather than pay a professional. Most treatments need to be ingested and are, therefore, ineffective. Spiders do not spend time cleaning their limbs like many other pests, and therefore won’t end up ingesting the chemical. This means you will still have a spider problem. Leave the job to the professionals at Premier Pest Control. We offer top-rated spider control service using the highest quality products that are unique to spiders to eliminate arachnids properly. Protect your home or business with professional spider control at a price you can afford.

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