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Premier Pest Control, LLC, located in the heart of Pittsburgh, is a professional licensed pest control company. We are dedicated to serving you and to meeting your pest control needs in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible. We provide the Best Pest Control in Pittsburgh!

We don't love pests but we love what we do! Ridding our clients' homes and businesses of rodents and creepy bugs and insects is our top priority: termites, stink bugs, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, bees, rats, mice and much more! Premier offers a full range of environmentally friendly pest control services performed by certified professionals and in accordance with state-approved pesticide guidelines. Our licensed technicians are friendly, helpful and efficient.

Let our technicians do the dirty work so you can enjoy your clean and safe home or office at rates that are affordable and can meet your budget.

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Creepy Crawling Insects and Things That Fly

Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, moths, flies, fleas, ticks, silverfish, wasps, bees, spiders, mosquitos, stink bugs - we eliminate them all - and more!

Usual question for us experts: "I keep my house spotless! How do they get in????" Pests of all types can still find their way into your home regardless of cleaniless - sometimes, they catch a ride on clothing, shoes and pets. Scheduled maintenance, combined with the prevention techniques listed below, can help keep them away for good!

Four-Legged Unwanted Guests

Domesticated little furry friends can make great pets, but wild rodents aren’t exactly cute and cuddly when they’re destroying your home. They not only eat your food, but they contaminate it and spread disease throughout your home and business which endangers both your family and your pets.

If you are trying to run a business, you are surely putting your patrons and your business at great risk.

Home Inspections

Purchasing a new home is one of the most important financial investments you will make in your lifetime. Our licensed professionals will conduct pest inspections in your home, top to bottom and inside and out, and even inspect pre-construction of a new home.

We will evaluate the structure of the building to determine if there is any damage or potential harm resulting from dry rot conditions or insects. These inspections comply with the state regulations and provide helpful evaluations for your residence.

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What our clients say

Simply the best. They’re there when they say they’re coming. When my neighbors all had problems with stink bugs, I had not a one! Bruce knows what he’s doing. I would definitely recommend them.


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Jason immediately answered my call and showed up the next day to help me. I operate a business and had no time to waste. He showed up on time and ready to go. Jason answered all my questions and I am very pleased with his work. His ability to come get the job done when I needed it made me feel like he really cared about me. His service was very reasonably priced and I have confidence I am pest free now. Supporting small local businesses is always a good choice. I can't thank Premier enough.


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Professional and courteous. Called Premier after my former pest control company failed to show up yet again. They did a comprehensive intake and walked my home inside and out. They offered suggestions on maintenance I could do to eliminate potential problems and then offered a very competitive quote (a bit cheaper than my previous company). They've been here twice since I signed with them and I couldn't be happier.


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Thanks to Premier We had another Co. do our home inspection. They said there were old signs of infestation but old was the "Key" word. So they passed the inspection. Within 8 months the problems started. Premier was there and spent time to explain that old does not mean gone. We had our home treated by very competent and what I felt were very experienced folks. So happy we went with Premier. !!


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Our Team

Jason Kehren

Partner / Sales

Overseeing PPC's commitment to excellence, Jason served time in the Navy and attended Duquesne University. He began his career in this field as a sales representative for a large pest control corporation 20 years ago. Learning the business from top to bottom led him to start Premier Pest Control with his partner with the idea of providing more personalized service to the customers in the Pittsburgh area at affordable rates.

Bruce Tecza

Partner / Senior Technical Specialist

Overseeing PPC's commitment to it's customers, with 38 years service experience in the pest control industry, Bruce has implemented thousands of pest solution plans for residential and commercial clients. He has always been hands on and puts service at the top of his list. His mission statement is simple 'Do it right the first time, period'