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It is well known that termite problems can lead to the need for expensive repairs down the road. Think you have termite damage? Turn to Premier Pest Control, a trusted source for termite control in Pittsburgh, and we will assess your situation, eliminate termites & provide you with quality protection, so you can rest easy. Established more than 35 years ago, our company has grown to provide a wide array of services for all pest problems.

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Did you know that termites cause up to $5 billion of damage throughout the United States annually? Do you have protection from termites & other wood-destroying insects? Most homeowners & business owners falsely believe that a termite problem will never impact them, until it is too late. If you suspect a termite presence, turn to our company for an effective termite removal and control solution. At Premier Pest Control, we believe that preventive measures are the best defense against wood-destroying critters. That is why we offer affordable, termite treatments to provide you with protection month after month.

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The key to controlling a termite infestation is to first identify the type that has invaded your space. Our technicians, backed by many years of experience, have the know-how to locate & remove all types of termites, including: dampwood, drywood, formosan & subterranean. We do much more than remove these pests from your space. Our termite control specialists also educate you on the proper steps to prevent an infestation from occurring yet again.

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Are you worried that termites will turn the wood of your structure into their latest snack? Don’t fret. Just employ Premier Pest Control, a trusted termite service company, for a guaranteed termite service to keep your home or business protected time and time again. Look and listen for the following signs that are clear indications that termites are present in your space

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