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Fleas & ticks are well-known, bloodsucking parasites that can make their hosts miserable. While you want to believe that your home or business will never fall victim to a flea or tick invasion, the harsh reality is it can happen to anyone. When you’re looking for top-quality flea and tick control in Pittsburgh, there is only one company to call Premier Pest Control.

As a full-service flea and tick exterminator, we will scope out these microscopic parasites and eradicate them from your home or business. Once done, we leave with a parasite-free space and peace of mind. We also offer bed bug control services for the nightmarish critters that feast on blood while their human hosts slumber.

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Have you noticed itchy, bite marks on your skin? Are your pets scratching excessively and frequently? Have you noticed “flea dirt” (similar look to coarse ground pepper) on your beloved, four-legged friends and areas they frequent? If so, you may have a flea problem. Identifying flea infestations can be relatively simple; however, eliminating the problem can prove much more challenging.

In some cases, fleas can be eradicated with a strong, over-the-counter products and a thorough cleaning; however, this isn’t always the case. Instead of spending endless hours, days, or weeks fighting fleas only to find the infestation is still present, turn our flea control company for service. We will:

Identify the Species
Educate You on Fleas
Inspect the Space for the Fleas’ Primary Food Source
Use Effective Flea Control Treatments

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Much like fleas, ticks are parasitic problems that often hitchhike on the animals, people, and clothing to get into homes and businesses. If there are suitable hosts in the general vicinity, the ticks can soon become a major problem. Should you find a tick on you or somewhere in or around your space, call our tick control company right away.

There are many species of these vampire-like creatures native to Western Pennsylvania including dog ticks, blacklegged (deer) ticks, lone star ticks, and groundhog ticks. While small, these parasites can carry major diseases, most commonly Lyme disease. They can also carry: Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), tularemia (rabbit fever), babesiosis & erlichiosis.

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Fleas & ticks, though similar in nature, are not the same. Whatever the infestation, entrust the team from our tick and flea exterminator to inspect, identify, and eradicate the problem for you, giving you peace of mind and a parasite-free space.

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