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Contrary to popular belief, fly & fruit fly issues are common in homes and restaurants alike. A proud provider of fly & fruit fly control in Pittsburgh, Premier Pest Control has your solution. No matter the type of fly, feel at ease knowing our pest control experts have a solution to make the flies in your home or business disappear once & for all.

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The common house fly is a disgusting, disease-carrying insect, often found hovering around garbage, rotten meat & more. Why are these flying pests found in such areas? The answer is simple. Flies require organic material in which to deposit their young, as organic material is the only place where maggots can survive.

As a homeowner or business owner, you take great strides in making your space clean. Once flies find the ideal organic material, your battle to maintain a pest-free residence or business may seem lost. Alas, there is a resolution. As a trusted fly exterminator, Premier Pest Control will combat these revolting pests for you.

Do you think you have a fly infestation? There are clear indicators that flies are present in your home or business. If you notice any of the following, call our fly control team for service right away, before the problem triples or quadruples in size: Small, Dark Clusters in Hard-to-Clean Areas, Regular Fly Sightings, Maggots

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There’s nothing like grabbing fresh fruit when it’s at its peak in the late summer. Unfortunately, fruit can lead to pest problems, specifically fruit flies. Decaying fruits & veggies & fermenting liquids provide the perfect source of food for these pesky pests. Many customers ask how a colony of fruit flies found its way into their structure. Fruit flies are often hidden on fruit or other objects, or follow you inside.

Once they’ve gained entry, they deposit their larvae, eat & breed. While the adult flies seem like the biggest nuisance, the true problem is actually the larvae. Unfortunately, typical bug bombs won’t eliminate the pest problem entirely. You need our trusted fruit fly control experts to remove these unwanted pests properly.

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You have put forth tremendous effort to build your restaurant, create a mouthwatering menu & satisfy clients. A fly infestation can flush your hard work down the drain, as customers do not want to see disgusting flies flying around or landing on their meal or in their drinks. Eradicate pesky flies with routine restaurant fly control services from our company.

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The best way to eradicate your fly or fruit fly problem is scheduling a monthly fly control service with Premier Pest Control. We will create a solution specifically for you to keep flies & fruit flies out of your home or business. Additional routine services include:

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